Executive/Management Coach

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We offer a variety of specialized packages, designed for the most common situations we encounter with our participants. While we start with a defined framework and proven methodology, every coaching experience is completely customized for the participating individual and organization. Our approach to producing, applying, and individualizing the content is our secret to successful engagements. 

Jackie’s coaching sessions helped me expand my approach in obtaining my organizational goals as an HR professional for a non-profit. Jackie provides coaching and mentorship based on her own experiences as a leader and offers an opportunity for empowerment and enrichment for leaders at any level
Lead Your Organization to Success
Executive Leadership Coaching

How do you show up as a leader? Are you demonstrating great leadership? What opportunities do you have to improve?

Executive Leadership Coaching is our most popular solution. This package includes one-on-one time with Jackie and a multi-faceted development plan for your personal and professional goals. Jackie works closely with you throughout the engagement, as your advocate and voice of truth. Ideal for those aiming to enhance business influence and effectiveness.

  • For new non-profit leaders suggested focus areas include Building Trust and Collaboration, Grant Management, Team Building, Diversifying Funding, Board Development
  • For business executives suggested focus areas include Leading Organizational Change, Motivating the Team, Inspiring Emerging Leaders, Succession Planning

Related Case Study: 

One local non-profit organization reaped the benefits of working with Jackie through a major leadership transition. As their longtime CEO approached retirement, the organization recognized how much a vulnerability this change presented. The non-profit engaged with Jackie to help the new leader, promoted from within the organization, adjust to the larger executive role successfully over the period of several months.

“I recently promoted from senior management to CEO and Jackie Malone guided me to confidence and success!” – S.R.

Developing Emerging Leaders

Grow leadership within your business to secure a strong future.

Testimonial: “Thank you for helping me to grow!” -- PB

Employee Retention

How to hire and retain excellent employees.

Case Study:  Under Jackie Malone’s guidance, our organization increased our staff retention rate from 50% to 90% and maintained it for the past 5 years.

Leading Strategic Change

Identify strategic initiatives to move your organization to new heights.

Leading Organization Change

Change happens!  Learn to lead anticipated and unexpected changes within your organization.

Strategic Decision Making

Learn to respond decisively and consistently. Recognize factors in yourself and others that affect decision quality. Become better equipped to confidently make decisions to optimize your organization’s success.

Lead Your Team Effectively
Motivating Your Team

Identify team members’ motivational needs to recognize and inspire them to high performance.

Resolving Conflict

What’s the real problem?  Learn ways to discover underlying factors that led to conflict and how to address them.

Communication and Listening Skills

Improve your skills to better understand your team’s concerns and reach outcomes and objectives.

Case Study: Jackie Malone’s coaching sessions enhanced my listening and communication skills and provided new ways to reach my goals and improve my outcomes.

Lead Yourself Forward
Burnout/Compassion Fatigue

How can you keep going at this exhausting pace?

Case Study:  I thought I was just physically tired, but Jackie Malone’s coaching helped me to realize that I was burning out.  Coaching sessions guided me to discover the root causes and offered ways to be healthier, happier, and more successful with my team.

Transitioning to Supervisor/Manager

Congratulations on your promotion!!  Now, what do you do?

Case Study:  I was so nervous about my expanded responsibilities that doubled the geographic area and the number of employees that I supervised.  Jackie Malone coached me through this transition and gave me insights to confidently meet the increased responsibilities and to reach new outcomes and service goals.

Women in Leadership

Facing reality on an uneven playing field.

Case Study:  As a woman in leadership, I found Jackie Malone’s coaching invaluable opening my eyes to new perspectives and possibilities.

Leading with Credibility

Learn ways to build trust and gain credibility among your peers and supervisors.

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.  Anonymous